2017 Inakadate of “rice paddy art” is currently gaining much attention abroad!

本日のアクセスランキング TOP10

  1. 「青森市 春まつり2018」in 合浦公園&野木和公園!
  2. AOMORI 「十和田市 春まつり」開催!(2018年4月20日~5月5日)
  3. 「さんのへ春まつり2018」開催!4月27日~5月5日
  4.  コーヒーチェーン「コメダ珈琲店」青森へ進出!(2018年度内)
  5. 「RAB青森放送×スイーツ&デリシャスフェスタ」期間限4/28~ (イオンモール下田)
  6. 青森・八戸-奥入瀬渓流・十和田湖 (路線バスの旅)2017時刻表
  7. 第34回「弘前城ミス桜グランプリ」に木村さん(24)が輝いた!
  8. 「2018青森港クルーズ豪華客船」寄港スケジュールまとめ!寄港数UP!
  9. 青森・「釣り天国」のGWは マダイ、ワラサ、シーバス、ヘラブナetc「つりファン」注目!
  10. 青森・陸奥湾でトゲクリガニ漁が始まる!

2017 Inakadate of “rice paddy art” is currently gaining much attention abroad!

Today’s Access Ranking TOP10

  1. 2017 15th “Hirosaki-Shirokami Apple marathon” held! ⦅10 May 01 days⦆
  2. 2017 Inakadate of “rice paddy art” is currently gaining much attention abroad!
  3. The first award in Aomori Prefecture, Germany International Competition! Signs of apple cider boom! (2016/4/25)
  4. “Standing drinking tavern” opened in Aomori food manufacturers is Tokyo!
  5. AOMORI “apple daughter idol in Japan!” Reporting live in Hirosaki!
  6. Aomori Towada City: will be “cherry Yabusame” is held nationwide women only!(April 22 to 23, 2017)
  7. AOMORI 2017 “Miss clean Rice Aomori” contest Preliminary results!
  8. High school baseball spring Aomori tournament: Aomori 5-2 Goshogawara Engineering
  9. Monitor tour “students teaching to increase visit customers” held in Aomori, Sai village!
  10. 67th Asamushi Onsen fireworks 2015

2017 “rice paddy art” of Aomori Prefecture Inakadate has been attracting attention in overseas!

Inakadate of “rice paddy art” currently, there is gaining much attention abroad!

Inakadate, as of the street, is selected villages a thing called “rice paddy art” as a means of village revitalization. The village is just successful enough to be called a model case.


Where the beginning of the “rice paddy art” had been wondering whether things are not something to be tourism resources, the office staff saw the rice planting of the students have proposed the “art” has become triggered.

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The first round of 25 times, counting from this year (2017), as the first theme as “Yamata no Orochi and Susanoonomikoto” is “Momotaro” is selected as the second theme, it showed the excitement than ever in previous years.

Inakadate of rice paddy art is that of that is made by combining a variety of different colors. By the way, 7 varieties are used.

Image Source: YouTube (Skill Up)

Video, Mr. Yukio Kasai, vice mayor of Inakadate is, progresses in the form of talk about the village’s history and the rice paddy art birth origin.

Image Source: YouTube (Skill Up)

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Art is more than the world. Just Inakadate “rice paddy art” is more and more, will go is attracting attention from the world!

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